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Experience the Dharma & the power of meditation

The Mission of Flowering Lotus Meditation is to create and promote a variety of accessible opportunities for meditation practice in a non-denominational setting. All retreats and other events are based on Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and compassion and welcome students from diverse backgrounds.

Flowering Lotus Meditation was founded to provide an environment and a variety of opportunities for meditation, spiritual practice, and fellowship in order to nurture peace, healing, diversity, understanding and connection for individuals, their families and the greater society. Our practice follows the teachings of the historical Buddha including the insight that all beings have the potential for awakening.


We welcome people of all backgrounds and spiritual paths to practice with us in the pursuit of peace and healing.


Our teachers are recognized worldwide for their knowledge of Buddhist teachings and meditation techniques. Meditation, practiced on a regular basis, has been proven to be beneficial physically, psychologically and spiritually. We offer 3-10 day retreats. We welcome you to come participate in a retreat with us. We offer wholesome, delicious vegetarian meals.

Flowering Lotus Meditation is a tax-exempt charitable foundation with 501(C)3 status.

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