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Emergency Policy for On-Duty Flowering Lotus Meditation Staff and Board Members

All on-duty and active Flowering Lotus Meditation staff and board members should sign this document of consent for each retreat that said individual is participating as one of the listed Flowering Lotus staff members above. No exceptions. 


In the case of an emergency regarding a paid or scholarship receiving recipient currently attending a Flowering Lotus Meditation retreat or event as a participating student of the provided teachings and instructions (student, yogi, or other used name), contact 911 immediately. The Flowering Lotus Meditation staff, board members, and volunteers are not to engage with the person experiencing a mental health crisis under any circumstances as a medical professional. The designated retreat board members or staff are encouraged to remain in the vicinity of the crisis until medical help arrives as long as no threat to the retreat member is present, while keeping an exit plan at all times, and no obstructions between retreat member and door. At each retreat 1-3 individuals should be designated as Crisis Committee volunteers. These duties should be assigned to active retreat directors, managers, and program directors present. Person in crisis is not to be left alone until professional help arrives and has stepped in to alleviate the situation. At least one individual is to be present in the same space of the individual(s) in crisis, while the other designated volunteers are in contact with 911, medical professionals, or first responders and able to escort them to the designated space. At least one individual on the staff should communicate and update the rest of participants and/or staff about status without disclosing confidential information, reassuring other participants that the individual is safe and in good hands if necessary. In the case that a situation becomes dangerous, volunteers should leave the room or vicinity of the individual and update/inform first responders immediately. Upon arriving at each retreat location, whether this location is new or has been previously used by Flowering Lotus for retreats, a designated location for special emergencies should be discussed and decided upon by all active retreat directors, managers, and program directors. 

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