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Mindfulness and the Four Noble Truths

with Dave Smith

Online Retreat • Saturday July 22nd, 8 a- 12 pm CST
Dave Smith

About the Event

Within the entire cosmos of Buddhist doctrine, across the many forms of lineages and traditions, no single teaching carries as much weight as that of the four noble truths. It is the most fundamental aspect of Dharma. As Buddhist practices continue to take root in American society and culture much of the conversation and attention has been given to meditation practice and in particular, mindfulness.


While this has certainly made a positive impact, how can we bring the teachings of the four noble truths into our practice and cultivation of mindfulness? How are these ideas related? How do we practice the four noble truths? How can we bring these ideas into the everyday moments of our lives?


During this event Dave Smith will outline a framework and a set of practices that will bring these ideas to life. Together, we will discuss ways of integrating the time-tested and transformative aspects of these teachings.


This event is appropriate for anyone interested in the topic, regardless of previous meditative experience. 


Teacher Bio

For nearly 30 years, Dave Smith has held a practice rooted in the Insight Meditation (Vipassana) tradition. He was empowered to teach through the Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, is a certified teacher for Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) which is combines contemporary emotion based scientific research with contemplative practices and psychology drawn from Buddhism and has studied Buddhist psychology at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies (BCBS).


Dave teaches residential meditation retreats, weekly live dharma classes, online courses, and workshops. He has developed educational tools and resources, including mindfulness and emotional skills trainings, in both secular and Buddhist contexts. Dave also works with students 1:1 through his dharma mentoring program.


In 2016 he founded the Secular Dharma Foundation to foster the advancement of emotional and psychological well-being through the education and integration of mindfulness, psychology, and various therapeutic modalities. Dave has brought dharma and meditative interventions into a variety of settings including jails, prisons, youth detention centers and addiction treatment facilities. Dave lives in rural Colorado with his wife and two sons.

Ticket Prices

We ask that you support Flowering Lotus and those whose needs are greater by registering at the highest level ($75, $50, $25) with which you’re comfortable.


All are welcome to participate, regardless of ability to pay. If you are unable to pay the minimum $25 registration, select “Scholarship”, and no payment will be required.


There will be an opportunity to make a dana* contribution in any amount, to Flowering Lotus and the teachers at the online event. Your generosity is a gift that supports not just the teacher; but also the Sangha (Flowering Lotus); the larger Dharma community; and, most importantly, your own practice.


*Dana is a Pali word that is generally translated “generosity.” We are taught to practice dana, or generosity, by making monetary offerings for the teachings. Dana is not payment for services rendered – it is given from the heart. Dana is the first theme in the Buddha’s system of gradual training and the first of the three grounds for meritorious action.


More Information

If you have questions or need additional information about this retreat or other Flowering Lotus program offerings, please contact:


Beth Herzig, Retreat Director


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