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At Flowering Lotus Meditation, we believe in Kalyāṇa-mittatā, the Buddhist concept of "admirable friendship" within Buddhist community life. We honor these partners as sanghas that may be operating closer to you and have more regular offerings than just retreats. We shine our light of awareness on these partners as a way to help support our sangha with more opportunities to practice.


Heartwood Refuge is a retreat center located in Hendersonville, NC co-founded by our Spiritual Director, Venerable Dr. Pannavati. They offer many opportunities to practice.


Sama is a Karma Yoga studio in Arabi, La. that specializes in offering yoga, meditation, dharma, and silent retreats. We have a diverse schedule of virtual and in studio yoga, meditation, and dharma classes.

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Rooted in the prose of Theravada and the poetry of Mahayana, Deep South Dharma is flavored by the spiritual soil and the growing pains of the southern United States. We are open and accessible to good-hearted people of any religion or none, whether you are curious about Buddhism or just want support for your contemplative practice.

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Mississippi Insight Meditation is physically based in Gulfport, MS but many talks and teachings are located on their website.


Dharma in Mississippi: There is a large, ever-growing presence of individuals in Mississippi who are interested in meditation for a variety of reasons. Whether your interest lies in mindfulness, meditation, Buddhism, insight, the human experience, or you’re just curious, connecting with others who share your interest can be helpful and uplifting!

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Our sister sangha based in Mobile, Alabama. We partner to bring sought after Buddhist teachers to the region.

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One Dharma seeks to create a sustainable community of dedicated, compassionate and engaged practitioners in the Middle Tennessee area and beyond.

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Gulf Coast Dharma is a Buddhist meditation society of the Theravada lineage of Buddhist practice. We practice mindfulness meditation, the central meditation teaching of the Buddha.


Wild Heart Meditation Center is a non-profit organization committed to creating and supporting communities of people interested in integrating the Buddha's teachings into their everyday lives.

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Heart Space; The center of one's emotional gravity, the anchoring energy from which life is meant to be lived, the anatomical location of the heart, the rhythm of your life.


Temple of the Rays (TOR), also known as The Rays, is the embodiment of a wholistic healing approach downloaded through the energy of the 12 spiritual flames, or rays, by the Galactic and Angelic Realms.

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Flowering Lotus Meditation is a Here to Be non-profit partner. Here to Be is lululemon’s global community-based wellbeing program providing resources to nonprofit partners who use yoga and meditation as a means to manage stress and trauma.

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Hi! :) My name is DeeDee Jones. I am an Intuitive Energy Healer, Meditation Facilitator, Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Coach. From an early age I knew this was my Way of Being, but with no way of expressing it, no road map, and the world in my ears, heart and head I had no way of knowing what direction to journey.

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Would you like to be a Flowering Lotus Meditation partner?


Email: to let us know. We’d love to share more listings of opportunities to practice Buddhist meditation in the Southeast Region of the US. 

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