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What a wild three years!!

We’re so fortunate to have expanded our sangha during the pandemic, we practiced with students in several countries and many states all through the beauty of technology. We plan to continue to offer both online and in person meditation opportunities going forward.

In 2022, when in person retreats resumed, students traveled in person to practice with us from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, even Vermont! We've learned a lot how to keep our sangha members safe. We continue to have great relationships with our legacy teachers and chefs. We've also made some great connections with other regional sanghas too. Check out our partner page to find out more.

Over all the pandemic years we’ve strived to transform and evolve in order to continue our mission to offer accessible opportunities for meditation based on Buddhist teachings. As a volunteer lead organization we are fortunate to have recently welcomed 7 new enthusiastic board members in 2022. We are thankful for all who have volunteered and served with us over the years.

Beth Herzig board member since 2017, Venerbale Pannavati Spiritual Director, Reba Capers former board member, Wayne Vicknair FLM Board President since 2019

October 2022 Retreat

Our board members would love to hear from you, our shared sangha, about what you look forward to seeing from Flowering Lotus Meditation in the upcoming year or in the future.

Always feel free to email us at:

Board Members: Betty Sue O'Brian, Dwanda Schwarz, Beth Herzig and William Kelly

September 2022 Retreat

Take a look at these numbers. Thank you to all who attended. If you were not able to attend... know that we continue to be here for you and we will keep offering retreat opportunities.

We hope to practice with you soon!


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